Outsourcing of sales forces

Roll-out of permanent facilitation teams to gain market share in after-sales.
110% target achievement and win-win partnerships.

Your needs

  • Increase your market share and geographic penetration
  • Make your sales force flexible
  • Improve your sales productivity
  • Launch new services
  • Create or professionalise a POS network
  • Pass on national protocols at the local level

Coventeam added value

  • Proven ROI and a commitment to results
  • Sales professionals, industry and operations experts, trainers, facilitators and negotiators
  • An A-Z approach from analysis to implementation and commitment throughout the process

Our sales force programmes


Phase 1: sales analysis
(6 weeks)

  • Local issues
  • Sales priorities
  • Project planning
  • Operating principles of the sales force within the organisation i 


Phase 2: pilot validation
(8 weeks)

  • Tailor-made support pack for sales advisers
  • Roll-out and monitoring of a pilot 
  • Approval of the kit and volume/turnover targets 


Phase 3: roll-out

  • Recruitment and training of sales teams and the sales manager.
  • Putting the sales fundamentals 
  • Widening of the scope
  • Business management, reporting and result monitoring

Client case study: Nissan Service Pro sales task force

The Coventeam – Nissan partnership has been in place for over 15 years. Ever year, the SFT (sales facilitation team) package is reviewed and adapted to the brand strategy and network development issues with a team dedicated exclusively to this programme. 

From 2005 to 2011, the Nissan SFT focused on methods, organisation and the smooth roll-out of sales operations in the network to ensure strong performance in parts and accessories’ sales. 

2012 opened up new growth prospects: Vehicles in circulation increased by 2.5 in five years and our share of external sales had to increase. The Nissan SFT now works both on methods, leading internal teams and performance management, and on external customer visits on behalf of the network. 

2014 saw a major partnership brought about by the Coventeam SFT with the Five Stars brand, setting the stage for other major partnerships.

In 2018, demonstrating its continued trust in the SFT, Nissan tasked it with the management of spart parts activity within the Nissan Trucks network

 The SFT approach on a daily basis: 

  • The SFT is led by a Coventeam manager, working closely with the management of the network
  • Sales meetings set the pace: turnover and customer reports, monthly priorities, visit plans
  • SFT teams carry out 2-3 supported external visits a day and lead an average of 20 dealerships


Target achievement

Average target achievement for the programmes rolled out 

Rapid mobilisation

Average of 2 months to assemble the sales facilitation team

Volume management

Over 1000 points of sale rolled out over 2 years on average


Tailor-made solutions for automatic data upload


Not just clients, but partners who trust us


‘The growth in sales of Nissan parts at car body shops plays a key role in after-sales, both for the increase in turnover and for the profitability of Nissan and its private vehicles and trucks point-of-sale networks.

This includes the signing of national agreements with the main networks of body shops, but also regular on-the-ground coordination of this highly competitive business.

The role of the Coventeam sales facilitation team is key to increasing turnover. It is their responsibility to roll out our strategy for selling parts to repair professionals.

True professionals in their field, the facilitators draw up the plan to be implemented with the dealership, but also visit external body shops with the dealership’s spare parts manager to present the various protocols and sign the Nissan Service Pro charter.

But they go even further than that: they maintain a close relationship with customers and pass on information about events to stimulate these partnerships. The aim of the Coventeam task force is clear: Boost spare parts business by capitalising on local proximity through our network of dealerships.’

Olivier Cavarec

General Manager After Sales, Nissan West Europe