On-site sales and management coaching

On-site after-sales animation:
Coaching for employees to develop their customer relationship performance,
together with a consulting expertise to develop additional sales

Your needs

  • Increase and promote on-site sales
  • Support additional sales
  • Strengthen the customer relationship approach
  • Manage sales performance

Coventeam added value

  • Business experts recognised in their field
  • On-site coaching to move forward
  • Measurable results: 15% average growth in turnover
  • Digitalised reporting tools, accessible in 1 click, in cooperation with WeTransform and WeDev

Example of an on-site coaching programme: The PSA “Pack Starter”

This programme, well known among manufacturers’ networks, is an on-site coaching package to facilitate business in the workshop. Rolled out in PSA point-of-sales networks for almost 10 years, it has a proven and significant impact on turnover.


  • Analysis of local potential
  • Customer-focused approach, from the moment they arrive in the point of sales, to the moment they leave
  • Definition and management of a local action plan
  • Team management and coordination levers
  • Demonstration of management tools

Digital performance management platform: Crescendo+

To save time and facilitate the management and coordination of business in the workshop and/or to sustain the impact of a Pack Starter, the Crescendo+ Pack offers on-site handover of the business management and coordination solution developed by WeDev. DMS data is uploaded automatically.


  • Reminder of the key issues
  • Installation on PC and smartphone
  • Targets adapted to the local context
  • Analysis of product categories and action plan


Growth in turnover

Increase in sales seen at the sites concerned

Rapid ROI

Return on investment on the programme in an average of 6 months at the sites concerned

Volume management

Over 1000 points of sale rolled out over 2 years on our flagship programme


Tailor-made solutions for the automatic upload of data in one click


Not just clients, but partners who trust us


The Starter Pack, well known among our networks of sales reps and rolled out by Coventeam to manage the after-sales business in our workshops for over 10 years, is a formative coaching programme because it is very practical and generates additional business in our workshops.

Recently, we have digitalised the programme management tools to facilitate coordination and make life easier for our sales reps and, in future, our dealerships, With our new Crescendo+ solution, network DMS data is uploaded automatically to allow the point of sale to access its key performance indicators for the workshop in 1 click, on a PC or smartphone. The goal is clear: to save time and improve performance’.

Thierry Haussaire

Roll-out/project manager, sales department, France, PSA Group