Commercial and managerial training

Training of commercial and management teams in customer relationship fundamentals, sales techniques and management. More than 10,000 employees have been trained in 10 years.

Your needs

  • Develop local turnover, additional sales
  • Professionalise the customer approach 
  • Mobilize teams on site
  • Strengthen management teams on site
  • Implement management rituals over time

Coventeam’s added value

  • Tailor-made trainings,taking into account trainees’ work habits and sector
  • A collection of sales management books
  • Scenarios and role plays designed by business experts with a strong participation of trainees
  • Face-to-face or remote formats

L'entretien de vente en 7 étapes

  • Fiche d'auto-évaluation
  • Mode d'emploi de la fiche d'auto-évaluation
  • Les techniques de vente d'observation
  • Les techniques de vente de prise de contact et de prise de congé
  • Les techniques de vente de communication ou de découverte
  • Les techniques de vente de présentation
  • Les techniques de vente de réponses aux objections
  • Les techniques de vente de conclusion
  • Les techniques de vente d'analyse et d'évaluation

Les 51 meilleures pratiques commerciales

  • Test d'autoévaluation
  • La préparation efficace
  • L'introduction gagnante
  • La découverte active
  • La présentation valorisée
  • La conclusion constructive
  • La consolidation de la relation
  • L'analyse objective
See contents

The sales conversation in 7 steps

  • Self-assessment form
  • Instructions for completing the self-assessment form
  • Sales techniques: observation
  • Sales techniques: making contact and saying goodbye
  • Sales techniques: communication and discovery
  • Sales techniques: presentation
  • Sales technique: responding to objections
  • Sales techniques: conclusion
  • Sales techniques: analysis and assessment

The 51 best sales practices

  • Self-assessment test
  • Effective preparation
  • Winning introduction
  • Active discovery
  • Presentation that adds value
  • Constructive conclusion
  • Consolidating the relationship
  • Objective analysis

Our sales trainings

  • How to carry out a sales interview in 7 steps
  • How to master sales techniques and business practices
  • How to master the fundamentals of customer approach
  • How to organize your commercial activity
  • How to analyze one’s performance, identify potentials
  • How to define a local action plan and its animation
  • How to animate one’s client portfolio – increase visibility
  • How to increase your impact when communicating with customers

Our managerial trainings

  • Awareness: the driving force of a site is the team, and its level of mobilization and cohesion
  • Priority management and time allocation
  • Organisation: management rituals
  • Skills: “how to make your employees grow”
  • Animation: set up a commercial tempo
  • Delegation: principles and good practices
  • Communication: verbal to non-verbal
  • Management of complex cases: scenarios and role plays
  • Recruitment and integration: fundamentals and business processes


Satisfaction rate

More than 85% trainees’ satisfaction rate

Experienced trainers

Our trainers all have at least 10 years of business and training experience

Trained collaborators

More than 10,000 sellers, employees and managers trained in 10 years

Tailor-made trainings

Each training is unique and tailor-made, thanks to a previous field visit to understand the local context


More than customers, partners who trust us


Coventeam has been supporting us for several years in order to better understand the effectiveness of our organization, both commercially and managerially.

The action is pragmatic, field-oriented and taking into account both human and business dimensions. In a context of a strong competitive environment and profound changes in the markets that we address, we must be accompagnied by experts in order to make ourselves stronger.

Coventeam’s expertise in strategy, management and team management brings us the expected added value, to consolidate our growth plan

Vincent RENAUD


We have been working with Coventeam for over 10 years to support the professionalization of our managers and parts&service vendors. Coventeam brings us its expertise to help our on-site team grow. During these two days ot training, the programme is ambitious: professional scenarios and role-plays, animated by business experts, instant debriefing, learning and assimilation of sales and management techniques, development of a personalized action plan, entry and exit evaluation quiz to measure progress.

Useful for our teams and applicable just after training, the acquired/consolidated practices during these sessions are very pragmatic and perfectly match our expectations and those of our network members.


Training Director, FCA France (FIAT Group)