POS network STRATEGY roll-out

A very efficient animation team to accelerate the deployment of a commercial strategy: new offer, brand repositioning, prospecting, brand integration

Your needs

  • Deploy among your POS network a new offer, a new service, a new positioning, a merger
  • Prospect and recruit new affiliated members for your POS network

Coventeam’s added value

  • Business experts recognized in their field
  • Global support from A to Z
  • Fast programme implementation
  • An agile approach to adapt to needs

An example of global roll out: the TURBO program, with AUTOPRIMO

This program, designed in one month with the AUTOPRIMO teams, consisted of presenting to Distributors, and then to their affiliated members, the new positioning of the AUTOPRIMO brand and strengthening brand membership. The Coventeam Animation Force thus visited more than 800 network members in 3 months.

Our method in a few focus points:

  • Design of the intervention process
  • Implementation of management tools
  • Rapid constitution of the field intervention force
  • Design of programme material and training packages
  • Deployment and management of the animation force
  • Management of program performance
  • Flexible adjustments according to POS network priorities

Program conception time

Number of days needed to build the field deployment programme


Customer satisfaction

Satisfaction rate of our client’s project managers for this type of programme

POS network size management

More than 800 points of sale deployed in 3 months


A tailor-made tool for a 1-click program management


More than customers, partners who trust us